Water Systems & Supplies (WSS) was established in 1996. We have warehouse locations in
Northern and Southern California as well as Arizona. All of which are facilities that average about
30,000 square feet. We are California's most respected water products company in our field,
having earned the reputation as one of the most progressive water businesses with our strong
connections, vast knowledge and product variety.

Even with this kind of growth, WSS has still been able to maintain successful working
relationships as a family-owned business. As a result, the strong family values that we embody
are epitomized in our work. We believe in the importance of each individual customer, regardless
of size, and that they deserve only the best. That is precisely why we carry only the finest
brand name products rather than their generic imitations. When we can’t find products that are
good enough, we make our own. We have an extensive research and development program
that work hard to improve our products, as well as a group of artisans that apply each decal on
our porcelain dispensers meticulously by hand.

Since water consumption is so important, WSS strictly follows industry standards to make sure
that all our products are certified and safe. This is why we have established ourselves as
members of water organizations such as the IBWA and  WQA. If you look on our products they
carry the prestigious UL logo ensuring that they are electrically safe. Lastly, our vending machine
products follow the stringent regulations of NAMA.  

We pride ourselves in the strong relationships we have established with many reputable
companies in the water industry. This enables us to carry such an extensive product variety and
maintain the optimum of quality and service.
WSS is a proud member of:
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