Our water store specialists will be happy to advise you on potential water store locations. Generally, successful
water stores are located near high traffic supermarkets in lower to middle socioeconomic class areas.  
Ideal retail space for water stores are about 700-1200 square feet, but we can make any space work. We will
draft a layout plan for you.
Building Construction
Our highly trained and skilled water store technicians can help you plan out water lines and 220 volt power lines
that will maximize your space. They can also help you with physical installation and hiring contractors.
WSS’s water store specialists know what looks good. He or she can help you select practical and attractive
product displays, shelving, window art, signage, etc.
We provide full service systems tailored to your preferences, including constructing complete skid mounted water
purification systems implementing Reverse Osmosis technology with the capability of producing 2000-6000 gallons
per day (GPD). We also provide storage tanks and construct customized fill tables. More details.   
Our water store specialists will also help you obtain necessary business licenses and compliance with the Health
Department. We know exactly which forms to fill and what steps to take with your city government. We will
offer advice on passing a Health Inspection.  
We have special training programs to help you maintain your water purification system yourself. We will teach you
how to perform monthly check-ups as well as provide some troubleshooting help.
Retail Merchandise
WSS provides a full array of retail merchandise you can sell at your store including products like reusable plastic
bottles, porcelain dispensers, electric coolers etc. If you use our program you may be eligible for 5% off your first
purchase of retail merchandise for your entire store.   
Your assigned water systems specialist doesn’t just stop there. He or she will be available to help you with any
further problems or questions you may have. You can call our toll-free number for technical support assistance or
for a small fee arrange for your specialist to make a house call.
Get Started
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